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Why you should stop worrying and start loving Bitcoin’s price changes

Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. Two words, often seen as synonymous by a segment of the population, which are currently seeping into the vocabulary of the average Internet user.

Recently, one of the reasons why Bitcoin was discussed even amongst those who would not usually be concerned with the cryptocurrency was the fact that it broke the $10,000 barrier for the first time in its history.

Bitcoin, once the face of a somewhat rebellious and most certainly revolutionary idea of anonymous digital currencies, has now entered into mainstream consciousness and is taken a lot more seriously by the likes of Wall Street and all of the major tech companies worldwide.

Even with all its popularity, concerns about Bitcoin remain

One of the main reasons why many people have traditionally been unwilling to invest into cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is their unstable nature. First and foremost, their value fluctuates so much that it’s v ... Read more »


Verizon offers buy-one-get-one deal on iPhone 8, iPhone X

There weren't a ton of huge sales on the iPhone 8, 8 Plus or iPhone X over the holidays, but anyone who's been on the fence might consider Verizon's offer.

Starting Monday, Jan. 29, customers trading in a phone for an iPhone 8, 8 Plus or iPhone X will get $699 towards a second phone.

The deal applies for phone upgraders and switchers: It's similar to a buy-one-get-one-free deal Verizon just launched for Android phones. The discount is applied as a credit to the phone bill spread over 24 months, and both iPhones have to be purchased at once. 

More details, per Verizon:

·  Purchase both phones on device payment 

·  Activate a new line on Verizon Unlimited

·  Trade in your phone within 30 days. You will receive the trade-in value in addition to the bill credits. 

Apple isn ... Read more »


The world’s best Dota 2 players just got destroyed by AI from Elon Musk’s startup

We've already seen artificial intelligence systems trounce human beings at the ancient board game Go, and now computers are winning at multiplayer video games too - the OpenAI engine backed by Elon Musk has been beating the best Dota 2 players in the world championships in the US.

The AI took on three of the best Dota 2 players on the planet and beat them all, having learned the game from scratch through playing itself over and over again and working out the best way forward in any given situation.

According to its makers, the AI bots aren't any better than an average human Dota 2 player in terms of actions-per-minute, but it's the smart choices that the software makes that give it the edge - it can predict where other players will move and improvise new approaches when it gets into tight situations.

... Read more »


Value of digital cryptocurrency Bitcoin hits record high after month of turmoil.

According to the Coindesk Bitcoin Price Index, the price of bitcoin reached a new high average of $3,525 across global exchanges in the first few days of this week.

The surge followed the creation of a spin-off cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Cash on August 1st. All told, the price of bitcoin has now climbed 250% since the start of the year, rising from just under $1,000 on January first to its new all-time high. The new record high is in part due to relief by many investors in Bitcoin, that the ‘fork’ that created Bitcoin Cash did not cause a market crash as some had feared.

Value of digital cryptocurrency Bitcoin reaches another record high after a month of turmoil. ... Read more »


6:40 AM Elon Musk Scraps Solar Roof Idea for New Tesla Model

For as long as Elon Musk has been involved in the tech world, he has demonstrated an almost unrivaled obsession with dreaming big and boldly pursuing initiatives that objectively seem downright crazy at first glance. From his work at SpaceX to his more recent effort to create underground tunnels capable of transporting cars at speeds as high as 125 MPH, Musk, to his great credit, is a man of action.

Still, when you have as many outrageous and ambitious ideas as Musk, not everything can become a reality. That said, the idea that the Model 3 — or any subsequent Tesla vehicle — might one day feature a roof with embedded solar panels has finally been put to rest by Musk. Recall, Musk initially floated the idea of a Model 3 outfitted with solar roof technology late last year, even going so far as to say that Tesla would “probably offer that as an option.”

A few months later, Musk revealed that he decided to scrap the idea. During a speech at the&nb ... Read more »


Microsoft To Cut Thousands of Jobs Worldwide

Decision comes as company increases focus on cloud computing.

Microsoft has confirmed speculation in the industry that it will to lay off thousands of workers as the tech giant moves further into its cloud computing operations, namely Azure.

Microsoft plans to cut “thousands” of jobs, with a majority of them outside the United States, said a report from the Reuters news agency: “We are taking steps to notify some employees that their jobs are under consideration or that their positions will be eliminated,” said a spokesman for the company.

While the exact number of MS staff being cut is still unknown, the jobs cuts will be significant. One news report stated that those most likely to be affected will be from within the company’s sales force. One figure quoted by news media is that around 10% or 3,000 staff will be laid off as the Redmond based giant reorganizes its current business model.

Are Microsoft struggli ... Read more »


Facebook Social Search: A Google Search Competitor?

At the Disrupt conference this year, there was a lot of buzz about a potential Facebook social search that would clobber the makers over at Google. Since Facebook’s start, it has been constantly evolving and striving to beat out the competition and take on new competitors – such as Google search. 

As of right now, the Disrupt conference only talked about how Facebook plans on launching a social search platform, but the buzz has already started. Though Facebook did not advertise it outright, it seems that the social networking giant has plans to eventually release a search engine similar to Google.

When CEO Mark Zuckerberg was interviewed after his speech he was questioned as to whether or not Facebook plans on taking on search engines. According to Zuckerberg, Facebook already takes on over one billion search queries each day and that is without advertising their ability to do so. Already that is over 20 times more than Bing and a third of the amount ... Read more »

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