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Facebook Social Search: A Google Search Competitor? img

At the Disrupt conference this year, there was a lot of buzz about a potential Facebook social search that would clobber the makers over at Google. Since Facebook’s start, it has been constantly evolving and striving to beat out the competition and take on new competitors – such as Google search. 

As of right now, the Disrupt conference only talked about how Facebook plans on launching a social search platform, but the buzz has already started. Though Facebook did not advertise it outright, it seems that the social networking giant has plans to eventually release a search engine similar to Google.

When CEO Mark Zuckerberg was interviewed after his speech he was questioned as to whether or not Facebook plans on taking on search engines. According to Zuckerberg, Facebook already takes on over one billion search queries each day and that is without advertising their ability to do so. Already that is over 20 times more than Bing and a third of the amount that Google’s search takes on each day.

Facebook is not just about volume. Their searches are meant to find socially relevant information, such as information about brands or individuals. As an example of what the Facebook social search will entail, Zuckerberg used the idea of wanting to know what sushi restaurant his friends on Facebook were already frequenting. With Facebook’s social search platform, users would be able to see what restaurants and other companies their friends and Facebook associates were visiting.

Google has already tried to take on the social networking side by creating “Google +”. Though it was a solid effort and a mixture between the ideas of Facebook and Pinterest, it was no match for its competition. Facebook has already implanted itself as the leader in social networking technology and with billions of users accessing their Facebook each day, it is no wonder that Google might be scared about the future. Especially when it comes to who will have more search activity.

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